Itching To Be Stitching

end of summer

It is that time of the year again, the end of summer.  For some people that might mean Fall is coming, and it is time to bring in the summer furniture and pack away the grill. Others might start to think about bringing out the sweaters and sweatshirts for those cool evenings when the sun goes down.  Either way, time for those extra chores means less time with the needle and thread.

But for this quilter, who is also a teacher, school is beginning and time management is all important, so that I can fit into my busy schedule my love of creating my handmade baby quilts.

Quilting becomes my mental health.  After a day at work, picking up my hand quilting in the solitude of my sewing room, is the perfect way to reduce the stress of the day.  The more the stitches are placed into my handmade baby quilts; the more I can feel my body relax.  By the time the clock tells me that you best head to bed, I am relaxed enough to sleep.  Progress is made on my handmade baby quilts in the process. 

So if you are on your way home from a tough day at the office, or have finally put the kids to bed, you may be “Itching to be stitching.”  Scratch the itch and finish some those UFOs in the process.  Do as I do, put time to good use and finish those projects.  My handmade baby quilts are not only my mental health they are beautiful and lovely for those little ones.  Come see.

The end of summer means it’s time to quilt on my handmade baby quilts.

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