The Best Things In Life Are Quilted

“The best things in life are quilted.”

Over the weekend I spent countless hours quilting, my passion, or blogging on many of the wonderful quilting sites on the Internet.  Since quilting is a pastime that is done in solitude most of the time, taking time to observe the wonderful and beautiful artistic and colorful designs of those who have placed their work on the Internet for the world to see has been a marvelous outgoing experience.

My observations were not limited to quilts of all sizes and hues, but pictures, purses, children’s toys, etc.  The list was as numerous as the sites I visited.  Quilters are open to not only share their handmade quilts and others products but are generous with the written directions and videos offering the general directions and specific do and don’t for others to follow.

My conclusion, the best things in life are quilted and you the quilters of our world make that possible.  Thanks for sharing your time and talents.

Time to quilt.


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