Think Safety When Choosing Handmade Baby Quilts

Think safety when choosing handmade baby quilts for boys and girls, because some quilts could be risky business.

How come?

The devil is in the details

baby quilt safety, ribbons and bows

What’s got the potential for trouble are the adorable ribbons, laces, buttons and bows that embellish the design of some custom handmade quilts for babies. Sure they can jack up the eye appeal, but they might also ramp up the potential for harmful situations.  Two factors form the perfect storm.

Baby Quilts Lead a Rough and Tumble Life

handmade baby quilts can be personalized but must be versatile and durable, as well as durable.

When that gorgeous handmade baby quilt you chose for the new baby in your life first comes out of the box, it’s been gently and lovingly made and carefully nestled in tissue to help preserve its perfect appearance.

That ends now

Once the versatile or personalized handmade baby quilt you got from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique gets out of the box, it hits the ground, literally, running.

That quilt is going to be plopped on the floor for an impromptu nap at a neighbor’s house. It’s going to be stuffed in the carriage to keep the baby warm on chilly walks in the park. It’s going to be smushed around the car seat to protect the traveling baby on stormy days. It‘ll swaddle the toddler cheering on older siblings at school soccer fields. And it’ll be a comfy play mat as the toddler plays with friends on his nursery floor or theirs.

An inquisitive baby can be harmed when buttons, bows, laces and other trims sewn on their handmade baby quilts.

And another thing. Because of the active life they lead, those go-everywhere quilts are going to need a lot of washing and drying. The laundering experience can be wearing to the best-made quilts, but those with added doodads might experience total fall-off or dangerous loosening.

Curiosity Could Cause Mishaps

Every baby discovers things by touching, grabbing, chewing.  So why choose a baby quilt with add-on decorations that can encourage a baby or child to learn more by grabbing and tasting? We all know little ones love to grab at earrings and necklaces. They can be just as inquisitive about buttons and laces and other trims sewn on their quilts.


Avoid the Opportunity

Sure, quilters make every effort to attach add-on elements with tough threads and diligent fastening techniques, but The Baby Quilt Lady prefers not to take any chances. Every design she produces is one-of-a-kind, and the themes can be chosen to match the interests of the family. No added features are needed to create a fabulous handmade quilt for babies that will last intact through this child’s childhood and survive to warm the next generation.

She will however add the baby’s name to the quilt you choose, but she embroiders that into the quilt design, so that’s where it will stay.

Contact Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and select a handmade baby quilt from The Baby Quilt Lady that’s safe for the baby as well as beautiful to see.

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