Handmade Baby Quilts Are Good News for the New Year

Handmade baby quilts are good news for the new year because little boys and girls get a benefit every month. Here’s how:

January: The snow’s blowing and the temperature’s dropping, but the baby who sleeps with a hand-sewn baby quilt made by The Baby Quilt Lady will cuddle and snuggle in a world of warm.

barnyard friends baby quilts, Peachy Little Lamb Handmade Baby Quilt

February: The family’s going out in the cold to visit Grandma, but Baby is toasty warm wrapped in her handmade baby quilt.

March: The weather’s warming up a bit, but the breezes are blustery. Those stroller walks will be cozy for a baby who’s got his handmade baby quilt for comfort.

April: Better weather, more mobility. Now Mom takes the baby quilt to use as a play mat when her little one has a play date with a friend. How wonderful that these handmade baby quilts are good news and will protect the baby from the floor and protect the carpet from the baby play.

Handmade baby quilts are good news

May: Memorial Day celebrates remembrance on one day, but the baby who has a quilt made with  the clothing of departed family members can remember those loved ones every day. When The Baby Quilt Lady receives Grandpa’s favorite fishing shirt or Aunt Meg’s much loved t-shirt, she’ll integrate the fabric into a wholly original design.

June: Graduation time and some family members are getting lots of attention as they graduate. But the baby who owns a personalized baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique knows he’s been special since the day he arrived. The Baby Quilt Lady with embroider his name in a decorative way that makes it part of the quilt’s design.

Handmade baby quilts are good news

July: It’s hot, but it’s vacation time, so the family is visiting cousins who keep their house Arctic cold. But Baby’s got her beloved quilt along for the ride. It’ll keep her warm in frigid climates and make her feel secure in strange surroundings. Handmade baby quilts are good news!

August: The older children are getting ready for back to school, but the baby with a quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique has a classroom right in the crib. Maybe grandma will teach number recognition with the quilt print that has numbers. Or Grandpa with talk about the plants and animals that appear in matching pairs on the I Spy quilt.

September: Mom is doing fall cleaning, and the quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is due for laundering. No worries. The pre-washed fabrics eliminate shrinkage and the sturdy construction ensures that the washer and dryer will do no harm.

Handmade baby quilts are good news

October: The family is going to football games and Baby is rooting, too, all comfy in his quilt with the football helmet pattern.

November:  It’s getting chilly, but Dad uses the baby quilt as a lap blanket as he reads his daughter her favorite story.

December:  It’s gift giving time. Baby won’t be gifting his quilt any time soon, but years from now, it’ll be a cherished heirloom he can give to his children.

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