Baby Quilt Patterns

New baby quilt patterns are on the top of my list now that summer is here.

I used to say, “Sew much fabric, sew little time,” but I can’t use that excuse now.   I teach during the school daytime, and since the school year ended, I do have some extra hours on my hands.  My thoughts are like many who would like to make their own baby quilt, where do I start?

When I start to look for a new idea for my next quilt, my shelves are filled with quilting books filled with marvelous ideas of those talented ladies and their ideas.  I choose not to copy but to study their technique, learn from the masters, and design my own creative baby patterns.

  If you have no books on your shelves, try subscribing to one of many quilting magazines or purchasing these at your favorite quilt or sewing stores.  These too have a wealth of knowledge on baby quilt patterns and may give you the perfect idea on a how to design your next baby quilt with monkeys or the unique baby shower gift you have been searching for.

Coloring My Floor While Designing A Baby Quilt

Coloring My Floor While Designing A Baby Quilt

Another way I use it to pull out fabrics from my stash and just start to place them together on the floor.  Many times it is not the quilt pattern since a simple nine patch will do, but the color combinations and designs of the fabrics that will bring character to a special baby quilt for a little girl.

Which of these methods you choose, summer days don’t last forever.  Start today to enjoy the sewing.  Like I say, “Sew much fabric, sew little time,” start on designing new baby quilt patterns today.

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