Jeans Quilts

Jeans quilts are a perfect weight loss solution.

Gained a few pounds? Your blue jeans don’t fit?  Don’t worry I told my teaching staff.  I have just the solution.  Diet pills were not the answer, nor were any of those plans to lose weight by eating this food or that.  Going to the gym and exercise are great but not on my list.   I had a seat on my couch with my favorite sharp pair of sheers and all their old pair of jeans that no long fit.   The beginning of jeans quilts are piled in my lap.

Gathering the jeans, wash, dry, press the denim, and then find a comfortable location to start to cut.

jeans quilt
Baby Boy Blue Jeans

No pattern is needed. I start but cutting up the jeans at the seams, and when I am done, the waist band and the seams are the only parts I throw away.  I keep the pockets because they add great variations to the quilt blocks.  Stick to simple shapes like square and rectangles because the weight of the jeans makes the quilting patterns easier to assemble.  If you have lighter weight jeans, try a smaller block.

Use different color jeans to vary the effect.  Some jeans have stitching on the fabric, use this too.

Sew plain denim for some patches and alternate them with a denim print or blocks made with various shapes and sizes.

Most denim quilt does not need a batting.  They are already heavy enough.

Use a light flannel material for the backing for softness.  The quilt binding can be made from a light weight jeans’ fabric trimmed so that there is little seam allowance to cut down on the bulk.

Jeans quilts are a perfect idea for recycling too!

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