Handmade Baby Quilts Are Made to Last

Handmade baby quilts are made to last, unlike most items a new baby will get, and not like 90 percent of the products we all use.Elephants in Pink and Grey - Handmade Baby Quilt for Girls

Think about it. Every time you’ve had to replace your dear old fridge or dryer, the store folks warn you’ll never get the same years out of the new one, because they sure don’t make ‘em like they used to.  And just when you’ve figured out how to use your computer, it becomes incompatible with the latest t software and is practically obsolete. Even if you manage to keep something for a good long while, you can’t get replacement parts when they’re needed. The TVs keeping getting bigger and more tech-enhanced.  Your snazzy jacket is passé before its first trip to the cleaners.T-Shirt Stars Handmade Baby Quilt

And the stuff babies get for gifts, well they’re really on the fast track to the discard heap. Babies will outgrow clothes with relentless abandon. They’ll mangle their toys, become bored with their books and graduate from infant gear to more sophisticated equipment in what seems like a blink of an eye.

On the other hand that handmade baby quilt you so wisely selected at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique can last for generations. Here are three reasons why:

They’re Never Out of Style

They’ve made hand-sewn quilts in Europe for hundreds of years and in this country since the colonists first set foot on American soil. Patterns might vary with regions, but the basic construction techniques and over-all appearance are the same.

The Technique Assures Longevity

The Baby Quilt Lady has many ways to make sure the life of the quilt you buy will be a long one. First, she’s an experiences quilter who learned to sew at her grandmother’s knee. Then she buys the finest baby soft flannel, highest quality threads and sturdiest backing to help keep the quilt tough against laundering and baby play.  After washing the fabrics to avoid shrinkage, she assembles the pieces with the best techniques for the quilt’s endurance.  Your quilt will be made in this country by just one person who knows her future depends on satisfied customers.

Quilts Re-invent Themselves

Most baby-related items are one-trick ponies, made to clothe, or play with or comfort, but The Baby Quilt Lady’s unique hand-made baby quilts for boys and girls go from cradle to college with great versatility. They might come home with the newborn as a cuddly swaddling blanket and go on to soothe the newbie in the crib. They’ll surround the baby with warmth and security in the carriage and car.  When nap time is in a new place, they’re a soothing anchor of familiarity. But that’s not all. They make great play mats for fun on the floor. And they’re cozy lap blankets for family TV watching and story time. Some might even make it to the dorm as a shawl or bed decoration.

While The Baby Quilt Lady can’t guarantee that her custom-designed baby quilts will last as long as the Tristan Quilt made in Sicily around 1360 she can assure you that the one she makes for you will have a long and happy life with the baby you love.

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