Handmade Baby Quilts Are a Labor of Love

Handmade Baby Quilts are a labor of love when they’re made by the Baby Quilt Lady just for you to give to that special baby in your life.

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“Choosing the right color combinations for a new quilt can be a slow process,” she explains. “Whether it’s a little boy or a little girl who’s going to get the wonderful gift you’re buying, there’s a whole lot of thought that goes into coordinating the prints and solids that make up the design.”

She tells us that the traditional pink and blue are always popular, but sometimes more edgy color choices are finding their way into nursery cribs.

“People are appreciating the power that whites, creams, beiges, and light grays can add to the overall design,” she states, “and the addition of a small amount of a darker color can deliver unexpected excitement to the design.”Elephants in Pink and Grey - Handmade Baby Quilt for Girls

Finding just the right grouping of colors takes time, but the Baby Quilt Lady does not rush the creative process.

“Don’t laugh,” she chuckles, “but sometimes I take off my glasses and squint. That gives me a new perspective on how the pattern and colors are working.”

Some of the care she lavishes on her unique baby quilts for boys and girls can’t be seen. For instance, there’s the finest quality fabrics and threads she selects. And there are the best techniques for assembling the materials she uses, gleaned from a lifetime of sewing and quilting experience.

Because she wants the baby quilt you choose to be the most personal present the baby will get, she has loads of prints from which to choose, so that the theme of the quilt will harmonize with the nursery decor or coordinate with the family’s interests, such as gardening, or boating, dancing or sports.

And she gives you the opportunity to have the baby’s name embroidered in the quilt design, or to have pieces of a loved one’s clothing integrated into the design.

[cPersonalized Jungle Animals “Creating a one-of-kind baby quilt is like designing a gown,”  It needs to be as beautiful to the eye as I can make it, but it needs to as practical and functional as I can construct it. And I always keep the end user in my mind while I’m quilting,” she smiles.  “The quilt I’m working on will be cuddled with and snuggled with by a very precious person form many years.

“Maybe I get little carried away,” she muses, “but I think the quilts I make will have a place in the lives of those babies for a long time, and maybe they’ll become cherished heirlooms that the next generation of babies in the family will enjoy. It’s worth it to me to make the very best quilt I can every time.”

You can buy a quilt from someone you will never talk to and who will never know you, or you can contact Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and ask the Baby Quilt Lady to custom-make the quilt of your dreams and your baby’s dreams.

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