Handmade Baby Quilts Are Baby’s First Teachers

Handmade baby quilts are Baby’s first teachers. Here’s how they do it:

The Prints Start Young Minds on the Learning Track

If you thought the adorable quilt you chose for that brand-new grandson or granddaughter would just keep them warm, you’re in for a big surprise.  Once your little newbie starts to understand language, the animals, numbers, sports gear or rocket ships that make up the one-of-a kind quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will be the source of some meaningful early learning. Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Save The Turtles, blue and green quilt

Most of us underestimate the capacity of little brains to learn, but not the savvy families who use their babies’ handmade quilts to teach them their very first lessons. When a little baby boy or girl sees the stars and rockets on their beloved quilt, they’ll delight in looking at the stars in the sky, and maybe develop an interest in astronomy. Or rocket science.  You can tell them stories about the constellations that are sure to please, and thrill them with the adventures of the astronauts.

There’s a glorious fabric that has many of the Mother Goose rhymes illustrated. Seeing the pictures on their on own cuddly quilts will help the wee ones remember the rhymes, and soon they’ll be reciting them to everyone’s delight, including themselves. Including you.  Handmade Baby Quilt, Nursery Rhymes, Embroidered Baby Quilt

There’s a whale print that can be the jumping-off point for lots of talk about sea life. And the jungle designs will open up a whole new world to your favorite child.  marine life

Patchwork Quilts Sharpen Perception and Expand Knowledge

The Baby Quilt Lady’s “I Spy” patchwork quilts are a bonanza of learning opportunities. There are all sorts of animals and flowers on the patches, and each has a mate somewhere on the quilt. Now the baby not only learns the names of all these plants and critters, but has the fun of hunting through them all to find the matches.

Animal I Spy Baby Quilt

Family Fabrics Teach Family History

If you’ve saved a few clothing items from your loved ones who have passed away, or are far from the baby’s home, The Baby Quilt Lady might be able to integrate them into the unique baby quilt she designs for you.  Then when you and the little one are snuggling on the couch with this one-of-a-kind quilt, you can point to Great-Grandpa’s favorite fishing shirt and tell the baby all about this special man.  Or maybe it’s Great-great Grand-ma’s favorite flannel nightgown that has been sewn into the quilt. Here’s the place to tell the story of how she came here from the old country. And if you’ve chosen to put the baby’s name in the quilt design, she’ll be off to a head-start in reading.

The Baby Quilt Lady hand-makes quilts for boys and girls with meticulous care and one-of-kind designs.  She’s learned there is no substitute for quality materials and uncompromising techniques.

You’ll learn that quilts from Unique Baby Quilts are far superior to generic, mass-produced store-bought quilts in every way.

And the babies learn to love their quilts for how cuddly they feel and how much they have to teach them.

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