4 Ways Handmade Baby Quilts Survive our Throwaway World

Here are 4 Ways handmade baby quilts survive a throwaway world because they last while most everything else doesn’t.

Counting Sheep Detail

Gone are the days when the rotary dial phone sat in the front hall for generations. New technology has our cell phones discarded and replaced in what seems like a blink of an eye.  And those computers, they’re obsolete before the digitally challenged finally figure out how to use them. Washing machines that once worked for decades now have the life expectancy of a firefly, and few new cars will ever become antique.

But that’s not the case with the handmade baby quilts at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, where The Baby Quilt Lady custom-makes quilts to delight both baby and family for now and for long into the future. Here’s how she does it:

 Using the Right Stuff

When The Baby Quilt Lady begins a quilting project, she equips herself with top quality materials. That means the strongest threads _ and yes, there are different types of thread _ plus the best quality backing and batting. Of course the fabrics themselves are the finest, softest baby flannel.  Rest assured, the mass-produced quilts stacked on a shelf are no match for the quality components The Baby Quilt Lady uses.

Adding Pride of Workmanship

The Baby Quilt Lady brings years of experience to every quilt she makes. That means she knows the best ways to assemble her unique baby quilts for boys and girls, and she knows the best techniques in the sewing craft to produce quilts that  will stand up to all the rough and tumble of a baby’s use.

All her quilt fabrics are prewashed to assure that they’ll survive the many washings and dryings they’ll get without losing their looks.

Personalizing Makes Keeper Quilts

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized, Lady Bugs, pink and brown quilt

The opportunity to create a handmade baby quilt that uniquely fits the new little baby and her family.  You can choose dozens of prints with animal themes, or garden prints or sports designs or dancing shoes. You can choose colors that harmonize with the nursery. You can have the baby’s name embroidered onto the quilt, and you can have some fabric from a loved one’s clothing integrated into the quilt’s design. Now who would ever want to discard a gift that was so intensely linked to the baby and the family?

Versatility Makes It a Must-Have Beyond the Crib

If you thought the handmade baby quilt you selected would just have a life in the crib, think again. Of course it will be cuddled by the baby when he goes to sleep in his first few months at home, but watch that quilt come out of the nursery and into his carriage on chilly days, or into the car on wintry car trips. See him cling to his favorite quilt companion when he needs to nap in a strange motel room or his granny’s house. Then there’ll be times when he uses it as a play mat on the floor, or to wrap himself in cuddly comfort when Grandpa tells a story.

Long after the baby clothes have been outgrown and the toys have broken, the baby quilt you got at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will still be an important part of the baby’s life. That’s because your gift has warmth, comfort and longevity.


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