Give Your Little Pumpkin a Handmade Baby Quilt

Give your little pumpkin a handmade baby quilt and you’ll provide a treat that’ll last a lot longer than a candy apple. Here’s what you’ll be giving:Halloween decor


A three-ply baby quilt made with the softest baby flannel will furnish the lightweight, gentle warmth every baby needs. The Baby Quilt Lady’s hand-crafted quilts for boys and girls not only provide that warmth in the crib, but in the carriage or car seat, or any place the baby goes where a little extra comfort is welcome.


Adults feel stress when they leave their comfort zones, and so does your precious little one when the surroundings become unfamiliar.  Is there unhappiness when you try to plop him down for a nap in Grandma’s guest room?  Is there fussing when you try to get her to sleep in your vacation motel? There’s a good chance you can reduce the unease by bringing along her well-known and much loved baby quilt. The room might seem strange, but the snuggly feel and familiar smell of the baby quilt will soften the experience of settling into a new space.


Handmade Baby Quilt, 123 Green Light Go, green baby quilt

Much to his disappointment the baby soon learns that most things in his world have a short life. He outgrows his favorite outfit, or it shrinks into unwearability. Some toys break and have to be discarded, or he discards them because they don’t hold his interest anymore. But the handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will stay with him for as long as he wants it to. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady uses the finest materials to assemble her quilts and the best techniques to ensure they’ll stand up to the washer and dryer and all the roughhousing they’re going to undergo. And there’s so much life beyond the crib as a play mat when he graduates to toy time on the floor or as a lap robe when he cuddles with Grandpa for story time.

A Learning Power Starter

The quilt you choose from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique can teach him and fire up her imagination. There are quilt designs with numbers and letters that begin to educate in a very gentle way.  There are prints with animals and garden critters to spur an interest in zoology. Perhaps the stars and rockets will instill a desire for a career as an astronaut, or the dancing shoes will start a future ballerina on her way.  The “I Spy” patchwork quilts teach dozens of names and heighten perception.

A Sense of Self

You’ll be able to tell your baby that the quilt he owns is like no other, because The Baby Quilt Lady makes no two quilts exactly alike. She can further intensify the baby’s individuality by embroidering her name right into the quilt design.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Animal I Spy, Personalized multicolor quilt

Something of Value

As they grow, babies need to learn that some things  are worth valuing, and their baby quilts are such things. Because they adore cuddling with them in their cribs and play places, they can learn to give them a little care, with the promise that they’ll be there for them as long as want, and will be just as loved by their own children.

You can supply the best treat of all for the tiniest trick-or-treaters, and that’s a handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. Order one today.

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