Send Your Baby a Handmade Baby Quilt Valentine

Send your baby a handmade baby quilt valentine, because Valentine’s Day is for every sweetheart in your life. 

Star Time Pink, handmade baby quilt, pink quilt

Just because the day of the Cupid traditionally concerns romantic love doesn’t mean for a second that you can’t use the occasion to tell the precious little one in your life of the love you have. A custom-made quilt from The Baby Quilt Lady will send these powerful messages:

With This Quilt I Send You Comfort

Handmade Baby Quilt, Lady Bugs, pink baby quilt for girls

I hope you’ll always be warm and soothed by the familiar feeling of your own cuddly quilt that will surround you as you leave the hospital nursery and meet your own crib in your own nursery in your new home. This specially made quilt, constructed with the softest baby flannels, will keep you comfortable if the open window is sending a too-cool breeze your way, or if the air conditioning the rest of the family likes is a tad too frigid for you.

With This Quilt I Send You Confidence

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Animal I Spy, Personalized Baby Quilt

The Baby Quilt Lady has embroidered your name right into the design, so you will always know that it was made especially for you. What’s more, she’s created a design that is uniquely your own, because recognizing your individuality will boost your self-esteem. And perhaps you’ll feel proud to know I cared enough to send you the highest quality quilt I could find.

With This Quilt I Bestow Learning

Hand-sewn baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will give you a head start on firing up your brain power long before the other cribsters who are quilt-deprived. The Baby Quilt Lady makes patchwork quilts for boys and girls with dozens of ways to learn. There are animals and garden critters whose names you’ll know before you even speak them. Matching the pairs in the patchwork design will sharpen your perception skills while you’re just having the fun of the hunt.  The quilt with the fairy tale pattern will have you reciting the rhymes super quick. The quilts with the dancing shoes and rocket designs might launch your career while you’re still just a newbie.

With This Quilt I Endow Tradition

Perhaps The Baby Quilt Lady will incorporate pieces of your family’s clothing into your quilt design to keep them present even if they are not.  You might not be able to be with Grandpa John, but if you have some of his favorite shirt in your favorite quilt, he’ll still be close.  And when you’ve finished cuddling your quilt in your crib, tucking it around you at story time, and using it as a floor mat at play time, you might pack it away so that your own little ones will have a cherished keepsake.

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