Chipping In Makes Luxury Handmade Baby Quilts Affordable

Chipping in makes luxury handmade baby quilts affordable when you’re on a tight budget and you want to give a new baby an extraordinary gift.


You are not alone.


Everyone’s struggling to make their money go as far as possible, and everyone wants to gift that new baby with something totally fabulous, but the one factor does not have to preclude the other, not if the gift givers get together and pool their resources.

Aha, perhaps the idea had not occurred to you in your lonely search for something wonderful.  When you saw the magnificent hand-sewn baby quilts made for boys and girls by The Baby Quilt Lady, you knew you had found the perfect gift. The quilt you choose will be hand-sewn in this country by a vastly experienced quilter who can customize and personalize it.

Personalized Jungle Animals
Personalized Baby Quilts

You wouldn’t have to worry about the right size, because the baby could use the quilt for years, from infancy to little girlhood.

You wouldn’t have to worry about endurance, because The Baby Quilt Lady uses the finest quality materials and assembles them with the best techniques for surviving all that laundering and baby roughhousing.

You wouldn’t have to be concerned that someone else would select the same quilt, because every quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is one of a kind. All the adorable prints and coordinating solids are put together in unending combinations of different designs that are sure to delight little boys and girls.


You wouldn’t be afraid that your quilt would seem impersonal, because you’ll be able to have the baby’s name embroidered right into the quilt’s design, and you’ll be able to choose the prints that match the family’s interests or the nursery décor. 


 You wouldn’t fret that your gift would soon be forgotten, because The Baby Quilt Lady’s hand-sewn quilts will be loved by this baby and this baby’s babies when the quilt comes out for the next generation to cuddle with.

Think Joint Venture

You can afford to the buy a luxurious, customized quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique by sharing the pleasure with others by Chipping in makes luxury handmade baby quilts affordable.

Maybe the cousins could go in to buy the quilt together. Maybe a few neighbors would be delighted to be part of a really special gift, rather than having to get something much less desirable but affordable.  You would be the hero of the office or your school if you rounded up your colleagues to chip in for something as excellent as a customized, handmade baby quilt.Bugs Life

The expectant mom and dad will manage to buy all the inexpensive, mundane items that will be needed for their new baby, but a hand-sewn baby quilt with a personal theme and the baby’s name embroidered on it, well that’s something that they’d love, but probably can’t afford.

You can be the one to deliver that precious gift to them.  All it takes is a little help from your friends and chipping in makes luxury handmade baby quilts affordable.

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