Four Reasons Why Handmade Baby Quilts Make Super Gifts

There are more than four reasons why handmade baby quilts make super gifts, but here are the most compelling ones:

There’s No Other One like It

When you buy a handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique you can be sure there’s no other just like it. No, you won’t see a duplicate at the park or at the mall, because yours is no mass-produced, assembly line product.  The Baby Quilt Lady has dozens of adorable print fabrics in her cupboard, and her hand-sewn baby quilts for boys and girls are designed in combinations of coordinating solids and prints that differ from any she’s made before. That precious little baby you are gifting deserves a quilt that is unique, just like he or she is.

Handmade Baby Quilts Last

Babies grow so fast and change so much that most of the shower gifts quickly become obsolete.  Clothes that looked so cute when she was three-months are in the discard heap when she’s six months, because this little girl is thriving.  And the baby gear that seemed so crucial for the first six months of his life is up in the attic now, as the little guy leaps into new stages of development.

Those clothes will disappear and the gear will be packed away, but the baby quilt you gave has a long future with this special little person. She snuggled with her super-soft quilt when they first met in her crib. Its soothing presence made it a little bit easier to drift off to Dreamland. And when her world expanded, her quilt came along, to be a cuddly companion in the car and carriage, and to be a comfy friend when nap time came in a different place. Sonny will soon see that his quilt makes a great play mat when he and his big brother want to play with their trucks.  And when it’s story time, the boy and his grandma will enjoy the coziness of sharing the quilt as a lap robe.

Your Quilt Is a Teacher

The theme you choose for your handmade baby quilt gift can start a little mind thinking all sorts of new thoughts. There’s the outer space print that can kindle an interest in rocketry. There’s a number design to spark an interest in math. The Animal I Spy patchwork helps perception and presents all sorts of animals and flowers for the child to identify.

You Can Make It Personal

The quilt you get from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique can have the baby’s name embroidered right into the design. The print you choose can harmonize with the family’s interests, like gardening boating or fishing.  And you might want to incorporate fabric from Grandpa’s shirt or Grandma’s blouse into the quilt design. Now the quilt you give will not only be loved by the baby but appreciated by the whole family and kept as an heirloom.

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Personalized Play Ball

So think about your options. You can buy an impersonal, mass-produced item that will quickly be outgrown and forgotten, or you can let The Baby Quilt Lady design a personalized baby quilt that will be used for a very long time and cherished forever.

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