Handmade Baby Quilts Thrill Mothers-To-Be on Mother’s Day

Handmade baby quilts thrill mothers-to-be on Mother’s Day, so choose one and  bring that pleasure to your favorite new mom or mom-to-be.

Right now the expectant mother is probably focused on getting lots of items that must be part of her new baby’s life. They are the practical necessities that have to come before those special baby items she’d really love to have.

Let the practical friends and family members supply those pedestrian essentials while you present a fabulous hand-sewn baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. It might look like the ultimate luxury item, but it’s way more useful than anyone might think. Here are three reasons why:

They might look like a fairy tale fantasy with frolicking animals and cute garden critters, but The Baby Quilt Lady has given each one of her handmade quilts for boys and girls a solid construction that will make it last.  Not all baby quilts are alike in their ability to withstand laundering and baby activity, but you can be sure that every one of those available at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique has been assembled with the finest fabric unicorn quilts and threads and put together with the best techniques for durability. New moms will have enough to do without worrying about a raggedy quilt, so buy the best and know that she and baby can rely on the unique baby quilt you chose for a very long time.

Moms Love the Personalizing

Mothers know every baby is unique and special, and you can emphasize the individuality of her precious new arrival by getting your gift quilt personalized. There are several options. You can have the baby’s name embroidered right into the quilt design. What better way to boost the new baby’s confidence and sense of identity than with a quilt with his or her name on it? Each of The Baby Quilt Lady’s designs are one of a kind, so the new mom will be delighted to learn that  just like her child, there will be no other quilt quite like it.  You can choose a design motif that harmonizes with the family’s interests, and that’s not something you’ll find on a department store shelf.

It’s also possible to have clothing from family members worked into the quilt design. Moms certainly appreciate having loved ones from the past be part of this new baby’s present.

Multi-tasking Moms Love Multi-tasking Quilts

She’ll be doing a million things at once when that new baby arrives, and she’ll appreciate how many things the baby quilt can do. For instance she can wrap up the baby in something warm and familiar when she’s out in the car, or down the street with a neighbor. She can put the baby to sleep on it in a home she’s visiting, and then put it on the floor for a comfy and protecting floor mat.  She can see the numbers pattern and the patchwork designs are perfect opportunities to encourage learning while the baby cuddles.

It’s not too late to get a baby quilt delivered for Mother’s Day, or to order a custom quilt and present a photo on Mom’s special day. Contact The Baby Quilt Lady.

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