Treat Little Road Runners to Wheel-Themed Baby Quilts

Men love their wheels, and many little guys share the passion. 

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If your boy dreams of zooming around a race track or going full throttle down the highway in an 18-wheeler, handmade baby quilts with a transportation theme will get him off to a great start.

It’s easy to recognize a road warrior. His eyes light up when a train passes. He shoves aside the blocks to get to the toy cars. He could be longing to ride the rails, drive a fire engine, or use a front loader to help build a school.

You can fuel his fantasies by sending him to sleep with handmade baby quilts covered with colorful cars, trains or trucks. Designs might incorporate road signs and other transportation symbols, giving the newbie a head start on learning the rules of the road.

Truck Traffic - A handmade baby quilt

With the warmth of the soft flannel, handmade baby quilts keep him comfy, and the whimsical vehicles make it an easy ride to dreamland.

Spark his imagination now with keepsake baby quilts. He’ll happily relay his to his own little boys.

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