Whale Watch From Home With Whale-Motif Baby Quilts

A pod of jolly whales swims across these whale motif  handmade baby quilts, making friends with little sea life fanciers in the comfort of their bedrooms.

Handmade Baby Quilt. Whale of a Good Time, blue embroidered baby quilt

The mysteries of the deep have fascinated young and old since Noah built his ark and Ahab tracked Moby Dick. But little boys don’t have to go to sea to see the most majestic creatures in the marine mammal family, when whales cavort so amiably on  handmade baby quilts that surround them with gentle waves and ocean bubbles.

These charming versions of the global navigators rendered fetchingly on the softest flannel are but one variation on the marine life theme. Other baby quilts are embellished with sea horses, fish and turtles.

A Whale of a Tale, Handmade Baby Quilt

The  baby quilts  are unique, whimsical interpretations of the underwater world, guaranteed to delight both the lucky little boy who will dream with the fish and the givers of a gift that will always be treasured. Cast your line, and you’ll be hooked on these baby quilts and their whale motif!

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