5 Tips on How to Store Baby Quilts

Here are 5 tips on how to store baby quilts.

Handmade Golden Age of Dinosaurs Baby Quilt Displayed on Chair

Your child will enjoy the days with their new quilts but there will be a time that you will want to store these precious handmade quilts and keep them safe.

These lasting treasures of a life-time will need to be stored either for the next baby, if and when they come into the family, or kept as a treasured heirlooms for years to come.

Stay away from moisture.  Find a place that has cool dry air with good circulation.  Damp air with moisture will attract mold and mildew.  The fibers will rot and your baby quilts will be ruined.

Keep away from sunlight. Keeping your handmade baby quilts in the dark is best when storing them.  The fibers begin to break down and colors will fade in direct sunlight.  Even using fluorescent lighting will damage baby quilts when used over time.

animal I Spy quilt for a baby shower gift

Wrap in a cotton sheet. Moisture builds up over time in plastic.  Never store your baby quilts in a plastic box or wrappings.  Using a cotton sheet will protect the baby quilts from dust and allow the materials of the quilt to breathe overtime.

Store unfolded. For long periods of time, it is best not to fold the handmade baby quilts.  The best place to store them is on any unused bed with a cotton sheet on the  top. But if storing them is the only method, make it a point every few months to unfold and refold a different direction.  Be sure to take time to shake the baby quilts out to air them before refolding. If this method is not possible, the last tip on how to store your baby quilts might work.

Roll the baby quilts. When space is a problem, rolling your baby quilts rather than folding them if better for the quilts. Use a cardboard storage tube, lined with acid free paper to prevent contamination and prevent the corrosion of the fabrics over time.


These 5 tips for on how to store your baby quilts safely will ensure that their handmade beauty will be protected for years to come.

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