Heartfelt Shots and Baby Quilts

Baby quilts, balloons, books, and many more beautiful and unique props add to first photos for newborns.  

There is no greater miracle than the birth of a baby and no lovelier way to capture the moments of those first days than with specialty photography.

handmade baby quilt, blue and yellow print

With a joint effort, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique has partnered with a talented photographer.  Heartfelt Shots by Lianne turns balloons, letters, or my handmade baby quilts into unique keepsake photos for your baby.

With the new Iphone cameras, your new baby has tons of new photos.  All the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and every friend must have taken a few.  After looking at the hundreds of photos downloaded, none are worthy to hang on the wall at home, or save for the baby books forever.  That is why having a professional photographer like Lianne from Heartfelt Shots capturing those moments for you is so important.

Lianne, your photos are SEW beautiful.

 Using baby quilts in the photos are a special back drop, since this demonstrates how soft and cuddly your baby will be in handmade baby quilts.

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