Patchwork Quilting Today

When I look at my patchwork quilting today of my baby quilts and then look back to the days of when I started to quilt, it is surprisingly different.

Golden Age of DInosaurs Handmade Baby Quilt

Much of what I knew about patchwork quilting came from my grandmother.  The patterns I used were much the same as she used cardboard templates that were traced over and over from a single pattern.  Each pattern piece was never the same size as the one cut before and never were they accurate in comparison to the original pattern template. Today, I make my handmade baby quilts using a rotary cutter and rulers.  Each piece is accurately measured and therefore the block sizes are the same each time.

My original patchwork baby quilts, though all were hand quilted, were not the even stitching and the designs of my patchwork quilting today.  I am still proud of the lessons learned as a child from my grandmother and of those early projects.

By using the 100% cotton baby flannels and the minky fabrics, I am able to design, sew, and hand quilt using patchwork quilting today for unique baby quilts so others to enjoy and treasure that will last a lifetime.

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