Today is Teddy Bear Day

It is a day to celebrate the cuddly toy that everyone remembers from their childhood.  A toy that brings comfort to children, but the Teddy Bear is enjoyed by adults, as well.

Teddy Bear started in 1902 when President Teddy Roosevelt made headlines when he didn’t shoot a bear cub.  A political cartoon inspired a toy store owner to make a stuffed bear.  Rose Michtom, the store owner, wrote to the President and asked for permission to call the stuffed animal, “Teddy Bear.”  So with the blessings from President Roosevelt, our famous and cuddly friends were born.

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Meet Cuddles.  He is the unique Teddy Bear from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique that you see pictured in many of my quilts.  Along with the softness of Cuddles comes the perfect combination of comfort and creativity in each of my unique handmade baby quilts.   Each is designs to be both durable and adorable.  Just like Cuddles and other Teddy Bears, these baby quilts help to nurture and protect your baby.

From Cuddles and Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, Happy Teddy Bear Day

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