A Grandmother’s Best Use of Time

 “My grand kids believe I’m the oldest thing in the world. And after two or three hours with them, I believe it, too.”  – Gene Perret

As a Grandmother, spending time with my grand kids is the greatest time.  From reading books to playing games, swimming in the pool together, the list is endless.  The little ones have a boundless amount of energy that makes this Grandmother sleep well at night.

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Grandmother and Grandson

A new grandchild is born.  As a Grandmother, I look for just right gift because I know that in the days to come snuggling and loving my new grandchild will be on the top of my “To Do List.” I dream of the days that I will spend playing with the many soft and musical toys so this gift needs to keep my grandchild safe and warm but allows for a secure place for the baby to play on the floor.

Handmade baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are the answer to finding the perfect combination of comfort and creativity to cradle my grandchild since they are designed to be both durable and adorable. These hand stitched quilts will last a lifetime to protect and nurture the new grandchild.

If your grandchild is older and it is time to start to learn animals, colors, or shapes.  Unique Baby Quilt Boutique has a perfect quilt, Animal, I Spy.”  This quilt displays 21 different animal prints made from 100% cotton baby flannel.  To make the “I Spy” game interesting and the baby quilt one a young child will enjoy, a wide selection of animals are chosen.  As you view the quilt, animals from the zoo, the pond, the air and many more are found in colors that vary from pinks to yellows, and pastel green to blues.  These animals are found on the colored backgrounds of the fabrics but also in the habitats where they live in nature.

For example, a printed fabric will display a shimmering fish in a pond, a dabbled horse in a field, or even a little red lady bug in her favorite flower garden.  The spying or locating of these types of animals provides children the vocabulary development and background knowledge of these animals in their habitats which as a Grandmother are important learning skills for these young minds.

Spend time with your grandchildren, as a Grandmother, there is no better time spent.

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