Mother’s Day Reflection

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, the thoughts of moms and even grandmothers are on everyone’s minds.

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I am a Mother of 4 wonderful children, who has been blessed with 3 beautiful grandchildren.   Mother’s Day is time stop and reflect. 

  Life with my own children has had its ups and downs but my family is everything to me.  Each of my children is different but special and unique in their own way.  I love you all.

Mother's Day

Yet now being a grandmother to three has brought a new light to life.  A new meaning to the day called, Mother’s Day.   As a Grandmother, each grandchild, with their special and wonderful personalities brings a extraordinary charm and warmth to our home.  Toys that were long put away are now strewn around the house, coloring books and crayons are visible on the shelf, baby quilts once again to sew, and those nursery rhymes resound in my head once again. 

But as I as the mother and the grandmother, I too am so fortunate this Mother’s Day to be the daughter.  My mother, at age 89 is still with me.   To be able to put my arms around her, tell her I love her, and say, “Happy Mother’s Day,” is truly a rare gift that many at my age do not possess. 

Whether you are young or young at heart this Mother’s Day, this is the true meaning of Mother’s Day, and a day to reflect on how fortunate you are to have a family and to be part of a family.  It is the mother that makes and keeps the family together. 

I would like to thank Trish Russo and her online magazine for mothers,  Helping Mommy Tone.  Any support for new mothers is always welcome, Trish.

Happy Mother’s Day

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