Designing a New Baby Quilt or Website

The process of designing a new baby quilt is much like designing a new website. 

I have found both of these crafts to make a baby quilt take creativity, organization, and hard work to make the final product a success. 

From start to finish a new quilt starts with an idea, one that a quilter might have from an idea in a quilter magazine or from another quilt that they might have seen at a show or from a friend.  Developing the idea can begin with a search for color combinations that suite your room décor or personal taste or just “grow on you.”  Fabric choices can include large scale prints like paisleys, ethnic patterns, and pictorial or contemporary fabrics choices to use in traditional scrap quilts.  When cut into small pieces, entire motifs are no longer visible but their interesting curves and lines remain.   Stripes and checks go with absolutely everything and plaids tie color schemes together. 

Designing a new baby  quilt, what's new at the zoo
What’s New at the Zoo

     My website started in much the same way.  I had an idea for the name, Unique      Baby Quilt Boutique.  Color, logo, picture and prints started to come together as the main page developed.  My key words moved on in the direction which involved more detailed information concerning my unique baby quilts and how each unique quilt is hand quilted of !00% cotton baby flannel to be both durable and adorable. 

Creating a baby quilt is not a contest but a personal adventure that is meant to bring the quilter pleasure.  By the time the borders are complete, the binding is sewn in place, you are contemplating your next design for a new quilt. 

The love of design, the thrill of creating, and pleasure of finishing a work of art, are what makes both a quilter and the website designer so much alike.

 So no more excuses.  Get started!  

Thanks to Dr. Doug Penta for his patience and support as I tackle designing a new website.

 Look for a new baby quilt coming soon.

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