Learn How To Make Quilt Binding

These great tips for learning to make quilt binding will make those last steps to finishing your quilt go smoothly.

Do you have a UFO sitting in a closet somewhere?  Are you quilter who loves to make beautifully sewn quilt tops and you love doing the quilting but the binding is difficult?

Here are some easy to follow steps to be sure your quilt binding has a fantastic finish.

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 Always use a sharp rotary blade to trim the edges of your quilt sandwich.  Using a dull edge blade won’t make a clean cut therefore leaving a jagged edge as you cut through the layers.

When using cotton or cotton flannels, use 100 percent cotton thread to sew the quilt binding to the quilt.  Polyester threads are stronger than the cotton fibers and they will eventually cut through the fabric fibers.  The result will be a split along the entire binding seam.

Once you are ready to sew the quilt binding, place the binding on your lap.  Allowing the binding to hang off the edge of the sewing machine table may cause it to stretch.

Learning how to make quilt binding just needs your attention to a few small details.

Now let’s finish those that quilt binding on your UFO – today.

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