It’s a Baby Girl!

It’s a baby girl!

How wonderful!  The tests proved it and the doctor confirmed it. You are having a little girl in a few months.  First, you will need to start to notify grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.  Next, are those all important decisions of where to commence to design the nursery.  Thinking of décor choices leads you to color design elements, baby quilts and crib bedding, plus the many little girl accessories.   All the many styles, prints, color and varieties can be so overwhelming. Where do you begin?

Look at themes.  Organizing and purchasing is easier when you have a global thought in mind.  Also if one of your family members or friends are asking for suggestions for gift ideas, a “themed” answer gives them a great start on where to head for your new daughter’s gift giving idea.

Daisy Bugs
Daisy Bugs

Here are some of the most popular themes for little girls and suggestions for color and design.  As a quilter of baby quilts, I too use these themes to design my baby quilts.

  1.  Fairy princess are the rage for little girls.  Though the baby doesn’t understand, they will soon grow up to learn that Cinderella, Snow White or the other princesses bring beauty, love, and magic to life.  The scenes from these books and movies can be depicted on the baby quilts, comforters, sheets, wall designs, and even with the accessories.  The beautiful pinks of the legendary costumes are infused with the creamy whites, and a touch of gold to create a royal nursery for your new fairy princess to be.

  2.   Teddy bears are cuddly and well loved by little girls.  This popular design for any little girl’s nursery infuses the popular bear sleeping or playing among the flowers or being depicted with balls, blocks, or other nursery items.  The teddy bear can be found on many baby quilts combined with flowers, little lady bugs, or even butterflies.  Colors range from cool browns and tans and add the pastels of pinks, greens, and yellows.  All these designs give brightly color combinations ideas for you to choose from when shopping for ideas for baby quilts or accessories to match the walls of the nursery.

  3.  Lady Bugs, butterflies, and flowers bring bright colors and a bit of “flower power” to the nursery.   You will find baby quilts, wall designs, and many nursery accessories where the meadow scene of a summer day or even the blue sky of a field of flowers with the butterflies amidst these, make for a calm and gentle room design for your little one.  These soft pastel colors add cool and gentle warmth that is soothing for a baby’s room.   Try a touch of lavender to the pink and yellow of the nursery.

  4. Angels and cherubs for the nursery design are also popular, as well as, comforting.  Little stars surrounding the angels on a bed of clouds, that guard the baby’s crib, add a soothing touch to the nursery.  Baby quilts with angels depict smiling, sleeping, or even the little baby cherub causing scenes of mischief on their fluffy clouds in the bright blue skies fit this décor.  Colors can extend from the blues of the sky to the white whites or other shades of light pinks and yellows to greens.

Starting your adventure to that new baby’s room should be exciting, not overwhelming.  Look forward to your new daughter, make her nursery special.

It’s a baby girl – she is so special. Make the nursery a special place too.

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