“I Spy” Baby Quilt – Not Just for Cuddles

An I Spy baby quilt is not just for cuddles. It also provides endless hours of excellent learning opportunities and a soft baby quilt for the floor. 

The wonderful children’s books entitled, I Spy, captures the attention of the young and the young at heart for hours on end.

animal I Spy quilt for a baby shower gift
Animal I Spy

A quilt displays 21 different animal prints made from 100% cotton baby flannel.  To make the “I Spy” game interesting and the baby quilt one a young child will enjoy, a wide selection of animals are chosen.  As you view the quilt, animals from the zoo, the pond, the air and many more are found in colors that vary from pinks to yellows, and pastel green to blues.  These animals are found on the colored backgrounds of the fabrics but also in the habitats where they live in nature.  For example, a printed fabric will display a shimmering fish in a pond, a dabbled horse in a field, or even a little red lady bug in her favorite flower garden.  The spying or locating of these types of animals provides children the vocabulary development and background knowledge of these animals in their habitats which are learning skills for these young minds.


To play “I Spy” on the baby quilt:

Look around and silently select an object on the baby quilt that can be seen by all the players.

 Say, “I spy with my little eye,” and then give some description of the animal, such as “something red,” “something wild” or “something small.”

Take turns trying to guess what the object is.

A baby quilt actually consists of 42 blocks in total.  An added opportunity to have fun with the baby is to play the “Matching Game.”  Finding the matching blocks is possible because two identical fabrics are placed into the baby quilt.  During these important years, babies not only enjoy games but need these simple games for developing their problem solving skills.

As a child grows, the quilt will be a treasured keep sake.  Toddlers will continue to enjoy playing the simple games of “I Spy “and the “Matching Game” with their parents and other caregivers.  They can also start to enjoy playing with other young children, though some adult assistance may be required. Later, important lessons on how to take turns can develop.

This I Spy baby quilt is all from a simple quilt that was once just for cuddles.

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