Baby Quilts with Animals For Boys and Girls

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No waiting for zoo trips or book reading sessions for the babies who cuddle with critters in their cribs. Little ones who’ve been gifted with baby quilts filled with frolicking animals can ignite their imaginations any time of day.

Coordinating splashes of leopard print and polka dots are combined in different patterns to make the baby quilts unique for every little baby who gets one.

Best of all, the browns, tans, blues and whites  of the design will be at home in any nursery, whether boy or girl lives there.  And should the next child of the family be a different gender, these handmade baby quilts are perfectly transferable.

Here is the ideal gift for a baby shower or a newborn’s arrival: one-of-a-kind baby quilts for the one-of-a-kind children entering the world.

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