Baby Quilts in the Ladybugs Star Pattern

Ladybugs star in handmade baby quilts that are perfect for little girls.

Creepy-crawly things are not always cause for joy, but ladybugs are an exception. These cute little polka-dotted insects are so pleasing to see that they have been incorporated into artful creations from coffee mugs to earrings to baby quilts!

Handmade Baby Quilt, Lady Bugs, pink baby quilt for girls

On handmade baby quilts, cheerful little hot pink critters tumble around in a variety of patterns that pair them with complementary pink and white prints and solids, all made of super-soft baby flannel.

Little girls will be happy to learn the origin of the name that some say stems from a Dark Ages miracle when prayers brought ladybugs to save endangered crops. They’ll be pleased to know that gardeners welcome them to this day, since they help control the pest population. They’ll be surprised to learn they aren’t bugs, but beetles.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Lady Bugs, pink and brown quilt

Plant the seed of contentment in your little sweeties with handmade baby quilts featuring ladybugs. They’re perfect for the crib as baby’s sleep companion and perfect for the older girl as a play mat or big bed accent.

Take a peek at the soft, sturdy ladybug handmade baby quilts, the ideal shower gifts or new baby presents.

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