Handmade Baby Quilts Are Memory Makers

When you’re looking for the ideal baby gift, you’re hoping that your choice will be something that’s not only useful, but something that will have more than just a fleeting presence in the baby’s life. Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls are  just the ticket.

Child-Quilt Bonds Start Early

handmade baby quilt, Animal I Spy, patchwork baby quilt

 Nothing in the nursery can be quite so personally pleasing to a newborn than a homemade baby quilt. Think of how fast the clothes will be outgrown, and how quickly the baby toys will be lost, broken or forgotten. When the baby jumpers and walkers have lost their charm, the precious quilt that the baby has cuddled with and snuggled under will still be the little one’s trusty companion.  As the baby grows, that special connection easily transitions to the sofa or the rocking chair, where Mom or Dad is reading a wonderful story. That sense of closeness, security and well-being that the quilt helps to foster from the baby’s very first days could be a cherished memory in the making.

Designs Can Be Memorable

Handmade baby quilts, monkey print

The unique designs quilters create for their homemade baby quilts can also be the source of many happy remembrances. For example, the lucky little one who has a quilt covered in little sailboats might start to imagine exciting sea adventures. When he later loves fishing and sailing and all sorts of watercraft, he might  recall with affection the sailboat baby quilt that sparked his interest.  And the little girl who takes to the garden like a fish does to water could attribute her earthy fascination to the quilt she adored, designed as it was with cute garden creatures and flowers. Other children may remember the fun they had with Mom and Dad, pairing the segments of a “match me” patchwork quilt.

The Comforting Quilt Is a Fond Memory

Ryder Asleep, Handmade Baby Quilt

Perhaps a happy memory will result from the comfort a toddler had on his first road trip, when his favorite quilt eased his car anxiety, or made the big motel room seem less strange.  A little girl will remember the fun she had with her first best friend when they played together on her baby quilt play mat.

Many folks have happy memories from their childhood, some of which go as far back as the crib. Those warm and fuzzy look-backs, can be a source of real pleasure, living as we do in a world packed with frantic activity and stressful events.

Memories Can Be Handed Down

handmade baby quilt, blue and yellow print

And you, who gave that little one a unique baby quilt, will always be remembered as that special person whose gift is such a treasure.


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