Baby Quilts Showcase Wheels of Progress

Where would we be without wheels?  Staggering forward with only the aid of man and beast power, Ugh!

 How lucky for us that wheels ease our journey through life by moving us, delivering our sustenance, helping to construct our universe.  How lucky are the little newborns, each can cuddle with homemade baby quilts that celebrate those wheeled vehicles so essential to our past, present and future.

grand prix baby quilt

A Rolling Tribute to Transportation

In this quilted celebration of wheeled vehicles, coal trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks, cars and trains travel on a polka dot field of white and blue and convey a sense of motion. Black and green bring vividness of the scene, adding grittiness and brightness.

truck quilt

So Many Stories Are Waiting to Be Told

This wheel-themed, super-soft quilt made from cotton is the taking off point for dozens of stories to amuse, delight and educate new babies. For example, what is coal? Where does it come from? What does it do? The dump truck and the front loader do their part to make new houses and schools possible, and the rescue helicopter always lands on its wheels. It’s important to rev up little imaginations right from the get-go, so a fleet of whimsical transportation vehicles is a great way to spark flights of fancy.

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Fabrication is Top-Notch

Beyond its ability to comfort, entertain and educate, this homemade quilt for boys, and maybe girls, has what it takes to go the distance through the trials of babyhood and beyond. Meticulously sewn and securely bound, this cloth art comforter can be washed and dried over and over without losing its integrity. Because the unique design has been created with no potentially problematic add-ons, the baby’s safety has been maximized.

Truck Traffic, handmade baby quilt, truck print
Truck Traffic


Homemade Baby Quilts Are Right Up Grandma’s Alley

Mom and Dad will always find the wherewithal to see that the new baby has all the togs and gear necessary to grow healthfully and contentedly. But the unique homemade baby quilts for sale, with all their great attributes, might not be in their budget.

That’s where the doting family comes in. It will be the loving grandmas and grandpas, and aunts and uncles who can give the new little one this extra-special gift, something to be cherished for many years by this precious baby, and treasured later as a keepsake by the later babies who come along.

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