Handmade Baby Quilts are Heartfelt Gifts

Sure, you can go to the baby shower with cute little outfits or baby paraphernalia, but  the key element, your sincere good wishes for the new parents and their little one, would be missing from your package. That’s because store-bought clothes or playpens don’t send the same message that homemade baby quilts do.

The Nature of a Gift

handmade baby quilt, Animal I Spy, patchwork baby quilt

 When the gift wrap comes off and the box is open, every gift-giver hopes the contents will thoroughly delight the mom-to-be.  But what’s inside that box says a lot about you. Did you consult a computer gift list and just grab the first convenient item? Or did you think outside the box by seeking something meaningful, something that would deliver more than temporary pleasure?

Handmade Baby Quilts Have Longevity

handmade baby quilts
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Long after the dresses are too small and the rocking horse has been discarded, the handmade quilt will still be a cherished possession of the little one who loves it. The quilt has been her constant companion in the crib, the cuddled comforter that helps her drift off to Dreamland. When the world gets bigger, and new places are encountered, the quilt is an island of familiarity in unfamiliar territory. When the floor becomes the baby’s playground, the well-loved quilt makes a great play mat, keeping her safe from the surface below, and keeping that surface protected from the baby’s activities.

Quilts Have a Future

Much of the clothing given as shower gifts will not survive to work for the next  baby in the family, having succumbed to the perils of the washing machine and the food contact often associated with bib malfunctions. Baby apparatus breaks, or parts get lost. But handmade baby quilts for boys and girls have been put together by professionals who put love and durability in every stitch. Made of soft baby flannel and tightly connected, the quilts are resistant to the pitfalls of the washer and dryer experience.  That’s why they’ll be around for the next baby in the family, and that’s why they’ll last as a keepsake for this baby to hand down to his own children.

There’s No Gift More Personal

jeans quilt, handmade baby quilt, blue quilt
Baby Boy Blue Jeans

It is hard to get emotional over a car seat, but easy to be moved by a quilt that dovetails with the family’s interests.  Homemade baby quilts for sale come in a huge selection of designs, so you can purchase a sailboat-themed quilt for the boat-loving family, or choose a flower motif for the garden aficionados. Maybe it will be a denim quilt for the super-casual parents, or a numbers-and-letters design for the parents who are already dreaming of the Ivy League.  Your choice sends the message that you know this family’s lifestyle and want to start the new baby off on the right road to belonging.

Handmade Baby Quilts Are Easy to Buy

No running to stores or hauling home packages. On-line shopping gives you access to dozens of options, and you can deal with the quilter who made the quilt. Because all cotton baby quilts are unbreakable, shipping is carefree.

Make Your Gift Special

When you’re deciding on a gift, weigh its life expectancy and personal quotient.  You might conclude that unique baby quilts will last the longest and mean the most.

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