Handmade Baby Quilts Are Gifts for All Seasons

Handmade baby quilts are gifts for all seasons, because they do lots more than guard against wintry cold.

If you are thinking that a handmade baby quilt is not the right gift for that spring or summer baby shower, think again. Here’s why a hand sewn baby quilt lovingly made by The Baby Quilt Lady is the perfect gift at any time of year:

Mother Nature Doesn’t Always Know It’s Spring

Here it is close to a month after the calendar says its spring, and there’s snow in some parts of the country. Just because the cherry blossoms bloomed doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of cold days when a precious newborn needs the cuddly warmth of a handmade quilt. When you choose one from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique you can be sure that when Mom takes that precious baby to the mall or soccer field, he’ll be surrounded by warmth, no matter the chill in the air. And should the weather turn a bit warmer, it’s removed in a flash, leaving the little one feeling comfortable in the new atmosphere.

Peachy Little LambSummer Has Its Own Brand of Cool

The Baby Quilt Lady’s super-soft hand-sewn quilts are the perfect baby armor to protect against sometimes frigid air conditioning. You know that feeling you get when you leave the moderate coolness of your car and enter the frigid air of a supermarket or restaurant. Or even worse, the too-cool home of friends or family members. No worries when Mom and Dad have brought along their baby’s favorite quilt, which they can wrap around her in cuddly comfort until it’s time to go.

Fall Sometimes Blows Hot and Cold

It could feel like Indian Summer when the baby first leaves for a family fun day of apple picking, but oh, when those clouds roll in and that warm sun disappears, the temperature can take a chilly dive. That’s the time when smart parents head for the car and wrap the baby in a warm baby quilt handmade with the finest baby flannels.

Winter’s Never Too Cold When There’s a Baby Quilt on the Scene

Let those icy breezes bluster when it’s that time of year. Your gift of a handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will keep that precious little one warm whether she’s napping in her crib, cuddling with Dad for story time, or getting some fresh air in her carriage on a brisk morning. And it’s easy to put that quilt around the baby in the car to extend her comfort on cold day road trips.

Handmade Baby Quilts Have All-Season Perks

No matter what the season, the handmade baby quilt you design with The Baby Quilt Lady will provide huge pleasure with the custom design you have chosen to dovetail with the family’s

interests or the nursery decor, the baby’s name that’s been embroidered into the quilt design, and the rugged construction that will make it last through years of laundering and baby play.

Don’t let the season sway you. Handmade baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are a year-round joy.

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