Handmade baby quilts for twins

When two new babies are about to come into the world,  It’s your chance to bring something that’s very much the same, but definitely not alike. Identical Format, Different Design Naturally you want each child to have a gift of equal charm and appeal, but you also want to salute each child’s individuality.  That where …

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You know how hard it is to select or make a choice of baby quilts for your shower gift or the mother-to-be. There are all types of materials and all patterns to choose from, like 100% cotton that keep your baby snuggly warm or the pretty pastels of blue, pink, yellow and green. Of all the choices of baby quilts, making a selection that is just right could take hours on the Internet, and to top it off, you just found out the mother-to-be is having twins! Yikes, you now need to find two baby quilts that are either alike or similar. I understand what you going through and I have some great tips on how to find the perfect baby quilts for the twins.

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