Quilt Binding Techniques

When precious time, beautiful and often time expensive fabric, plus a lovely and perfect machine or hand quilted design has been applied to the quilt top, making the right quilt binding is important.

Give your quilt a new look for the binding by creating a pieced bias binding.  This type of quilt binding is made by joining straight grain strips into sets then cutting the sets into strips.  These strips, once sewn to the quilt, make a continuous bias strip that has the appearance of diagonal strips.

  1. Start by cutting varying or uniform widths of long strips on the crosswise straight grain.
  2. Using the ¼” seam allowance, join the strips together to create a set.  Press the seams allowances open.  Repeat this process to make the desired number of binding sets.
  3. Cut your bias strips from these binding sets in the width of your choice.  For a single fold binding start with 2 ½ “or for Double Fold/ French Fold use 4½“ to create a 1” finished binding.
quilt binding

Pieced Bias Quilt Binding
  • Join the strips to make a continuous bias strip.
  • Press the binding, so that the top layer is slightly smaller than the bottom layer. This way both layers are visible, as you sew them to the edge of the quilt and puckers and pleats are prevented.
  • Turn the binding over the edge of the quilt and hand stitch the binding in place.  Make sure to cover the binding stitching line.
  • Now let’s finish your quilt, today, with these new quilt binding techniques.

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