Do you need a baby shower gift?

The baby shower invitation just arrived in mail.

Your best friend, a niece, your granddaughter or your closest friend’s daughter is having a baby.  The gift has to be special, a one-of-a-kind, not something that everyone else will purchase off the rack at some department store.    What can you do to make your gift not only one the mother will be useful but one that won’t get put into a dresser drawer to be forgotten after the thank you note has been written and the tags removed.

A search on the Internet bring up the clothes for the newborn but these are these are the same gifts that others will find in local stores close to home.  Cute little dresses for a little baby girl with matching bows or those matching pant and shirt sets for little boys are the cutest, but how many can a new mother have for the baby that will be out grown in a short span of time.  Checking further you might go the route of diapers or odds and ends, such as lotions and bottles, but these gifts are so impersonal.  Neither of these gifts are just the right baby shower gift for that special someone on your invitation.

Searching further, you need a gift that will not be tossed aside after a few statements of “Wow how nice,” or “So cute,” and then be forgotten in the pile with the other baby shower gifts.  You want everyone at the baby shower passing your baby gift around for all to see and touch not one that the new mother-to-be just opened another of the same item or the similar color or design pattern. Does this gift exist?

Handmade Baby quilt, lady bug pattern quilt, pink quilt
Baby Pink Lady Bugs

Yes, a unique handmade baby quilt is perfect for any baby shower gift.  Each baby quilt is a perfect combination of comfort and creativity designed to cradle your baby.  All baby quilts are handmade to be both durable and adorable. Carefully cared for, as the newborn, these baby quilts will last for a lifetime.  A lifetime of beauty and warmth hand quilted to protect and nurture your baby.

So don’t look any further, a unique handmade baby quilt is perfect for that baby shower gift.

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