What is a Handmade Baby Quilt?

A handmade baby quilt is designed by each quilter to be unique, different, so that each pattern used can be changed simply be altering the colors or moving the designs.

These baby quilts can be a thin blanket or a thicker comforter simply be adding a different type batting between the quilt top and the backing.  The thickness and warmth depend of the comfort of the baby or the location in which the baby might live.

Many baby quilts are designed to match the décor of the baby’s room either in style or theme.  Some of the many popular baby quilt patterns are those of animals, such as ducks or ducklings, bears, dogs, cats or even lions or tigers.  ABC’s and numbers added to other styles have added to the now popular sports themes from the pros and college teams alike.

Baby quilts and handmade baby blankets come in various sizes.  One can easily be designed to fit the baby’s crib or to sewn to fit the nursery’s décor. Since these quilts are customized, not purchased in a store, each can be quilted to fit in color, size, and specific design  of the nursery.  Choosing colors, the type of batting, the style of backing material, and even the style of binding that is used, all contribute to making each handmade baby quilt unique and special.  Monagramming the baby quilt with the baby’s name and birth date brings a personal touch to any quilt.

Wrapping your baby into a quilt made with cotton, cotton polyester, or even cotton flannels not only makes for a warm and comfortable feel, but an easy quilt to wash and dry.  Stains wash easily out of todays’ fabrics yet they they are smooth and easy on the baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby quilts are wonders for many other reasons such as a special baby shower gift.  Any mother-to-be would welcome a handmade baby quilt out of the many items she receives for her newborn as shower gifts.  The modern baby quilts will fit any room décor plus be a one-of-a kind gift that will be sure to be passed around the room for all to hold and have a closer inspection, not just unwrapped and set aside awaiting the next gift on the pile to come into view.

Playtime on the floor calls for the use of a baby quilt once again.  Their soft yet durable  thickness provides a clean and safe padded surface for your baby to play on.  This handmade baby blanket can also fit into strollers and be taken on trips to the grocery store or other outings, providing a soft and clean surface for the baby, as well as a warm and cozy one if the weather is cool.

With such a variety of uses, why not quilt or buy a handmade baby quilt?

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