Use Green in Baby Quilts?

Baby quilts use various colors but with St. Patrick’s Day in the glorious month of March, this question comes up.

Baby quilts green fabrics

Traditionally, blues are for boys and the pinks are for girls.  This association has been held true for years and years and can be found throughout even many handmade baby quilts and the fabrics.  Yet as the quilt shops open their selection of choices, finding the browns with pinks is a delightful combination or the blue with the yellow can a spice to simple hue.
Lavender becomes the new pink and little princesses been cuddled in many baby quilts of this non-traditional little girl color.

Cross color wheel baby quilts

But what about the green, do you make it stand alone or mix it with another color?  Quilting experts will tell you that if you work with a color scheme from only one side of the color wheel you can easily end up with a quilt that lacks interest and excitement.  Therefore, placing green and yellow together should never be done in baby quilts.  That might just mean a dull quilt for those little ones, and babies deserve better!  To counterbalance, cross the color wheel and add a color opposite to green, but use this one in small amounts.  Therefore, if you are making shades of green handmade quilts, choose some fabrics that are either red or lavender as an accent color.

Color wheel fabrics baby quilts

Take a trip to your local quilt shop, or pull out your stash
and Go Green in baby quilts!

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