Looking for a New Idea for Designing Baby Quilts?

Designing your next new idea for baby quilts can be the hardest part of the process of making a special newborn baby gift or maybe a baby shower gift for that special mother-to-be. 

baby quilt names

Cool Blue and Duckie

However, where do those original designs, color patterns, or unique heirloom quality unique handmade baby quilts emerge?

Quilt books are an excellent source of reference for patterns and designs.  These treasures are backed with quilting advice and baby quilt patterns that will provide you
with years of pure quilting pleasure.  Books are usually divided into chapters from topics that range from fabrics, quilting templates or patterns; quilt binding, finishing your baby
quilt, and other quilting questions.  Books are collections of beloved designs from the traditional to the unique patterns and the appliqué to the vintage patterns.  Directions for full-sized baby quilts to the crib quilts or even a doll quilt are found on the pages of quilting books that can be found at local book stores, on the Internet, or even borrowed from other quilting friends.  These treasures inspire new levels of creativity when designing baby quilts, so take time to browse their pages.

Sometimes a color just chooses the quilt!  Some of the most interesting baby quilts are made when the fabrics are selected on first instincts.  This is called love at first sight, when you don’t second guessing yourself and spend too much time material shopping and tempted to change your mind.  Just stick to your first choice.  Many interesting
baby quilts are those when the blocks are not overly coordinated.  Buy a variety of prints, sizes, and types, which include some stripes and maybe plaids.  Choose print fabrics with much, if any white background, since white stick out like a sore thumb and for babies, not a good color to drag around the floor and get dirty.  White does not blend well, unless all of your other prints have white in them.

If you are trying to choose a dominant print fabric, squint your eyes.   This process will
help you to choose other fabrics to go with the dominant color.

Once the baby is one the way, the knowing the décor of the baby’s room will also give you get insight into choosing fabrics, colors or evening creating the design for some new baby quilts.  Maybe a jungle theme or princesses for the little lady in the house, new moms know what they want for their babies.  Looking at the newest baby clothes gives you an idea for the baby colors and themes, so infuse those into your quilts.  Nursery prints will many times use these ideas so they will be readily available from your local quilt shop.

Designing baby quilts does not need to be a difficult task.  Use your resources and have fun quilting today!

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