Naming The Baby Quilt

Choosing a name for your quilt is SEW important.

Love and care goes into each quilt. Each stitch, each piece of carefully chosen fabric takes time to lovingly create a baby quilt.  Why not take time to name your quilt? To keep a quilt part your family, an heirloom, the name becomes important.  Quilts stand the test of time, and so it will continue to bring warmth for years to come.  The name for the quilt should be given great consideration.

You can choose from unusual names, made up names, even use the colors in the name of the baby quilt.  Some have tried old fashion names that go hand in hand with the fabrics since they tend to have that flare.  Maybe you are more prone to the nature style since the prints chosen are plants or animals that go with the theme for the baby’s room décor.  Try going with biblical names if you are leaning towards a more angelic side for the little one.

In most cases, waiting till the finished product is completed is a good idea.  Spread your baby quilt out in good light.  Write down the ideas that come to mind as you look at the quilt from different angles.  Squint your eyes and notice other parts of the quilt for ideas.  Ask others for suggestions and add those to the list.   Many times our most creative ideas are not the first that pop into our heads but those that come later.  Put two ideas together and make one or break one apart into two smaller separate or simpler baby quilt names.

If you are really stuck, try using your name.   You just might be surprised how it could fit.  Your surname or the baby’s might just the best fit.  What about our real baby’s names, siblings or friends?

Doing two quilts for twins presents a separate situation.  Remember rhyming helps and using the twin’s names if you have them could be beneficial, as will the color choices.

baby quilt names
Cool Blue and Duckie

Other ideas to try are celebrity, mythology, sci-fi, place, soap operas, Native American, Home-style, and gem names.

You are capable of making your own baby quilt.  Maybe this special treasure will be a gift for a friend, a co-worker, or for your own child.  The inspiration, time, and effort needs to carry a precious name on to the baby’s nursery.  You have sewn love into each and every stitch now top it off with the perfect name.

princess pink handmade baby quilt

Naming the baby quilt is SEW important.

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