Baby quilt patterns are SEW special.

Baby quilt patterns are SEW special.

animal I Spy quilt for a baby shower gift
Animal I Spy

Designing a unique baby quilt is always a challenge for the experience quilter, who is looking for a new and different idea from the usual and typical design in their pattern collection or the novice quilter, who is just beginning to jump into the wonder world of quilting and is looking to find a simple pattern to complete their first project.  Either way the pattern design is so special and needs your utmost consideration.

Baby quilts have always been a thoughtful and popular gift for the new mother or the mother-to-be.  Whether you hand quilt the final project or chose machine quilting, the final finished project will bring years of soft, warm cuddles or the utmost pride of the other women at the baby shower when your present is unwrapped at the baby shower for all to see.   Once the baby is older, it can be used for a wall hanging to keep for sentimental reasons, or even a floor covering for the baby to use it when playing. Your time and efforts on designing, sewing, and quilting your baby quilt are always appreciated by all.

Generation after generation, quilts have been kept because they are very beautiful to see and comforting to the touch.  With a bit of imagination, you can modify and change a pattern, blend color schemes, and then your quilt design can also be adjusted to any size for a baby bed or crib.  A handmade baby quilt pattern could transform your idea into a perfect gift for any new baby.

baby quilt patterns

But where do you start to choose that perfect pattern?  How about your favorite quilt shop?  Or you might start to look in your own library of magazines or books that decorate and more than not, collect dust on those shelves at home.  Doing a search on the internet is a new option, and often easy method for common pattern words.  Here are a few that are excellent suggestions:

  • Rag  quilts
  • Jungle theme baby quilts
  • Quick and easy crib quilts
  • Beginner quilts
  • Monkey themes
  • Large or Small squares quilts
  • Vintage or antique quilts
  • Peter Rabbit baby quilts
  • Irish Chain
  • Free pattern quilts
  • Eye spy quilts
  • Appliqué  baby quilts
  • Circus  or shape baby quilts
  • Alphabet quilts

This list is by no means complete, but it is a start to getting you on the road to a different pattern and maybe a new thought to expand the ideas that you’re currently had in mind.

Anyway you cut it, baby quilts patterns are SEW special.

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