Homemade Baby Quilts Are In-Home Schoolers

Animal I Spy Baby Quilt

The super soft flannel is comforting, but the colorful patches are teachers. The Baby Quilt Lady assembles the squares in a puzzle format, so little people sharpen their perception skills by searching the quilt for the matching squares. It is fun and it fills some of the long time indoors with an absorbing, noiseless thing to do.


Among the many prints assembled for the quilt are patches featuring garden plants, forest animals and insects. This is the perfect opportunity for the growing baby and her siblings to learn the difference between a butterfly and a beetle, to see the difference between a daisy and a daffodil. Not only will toddlers learn to recognize different species of plants and animals, but they can begin to learn the different functions of these living things. Maybe they will be encouraged to write their own stories about the adorable bear or the cute little pony. 

Handmade Baby Quilt. Whale of a Good Time, blue embroidered baby quilt


Theme Quilts Spur Imaginations

Maybe there is a future oceanographer napping in his crib in the nursery. If he sleeps with a quilt designed with perky fish or winsome whales, he might just be inspired to be an underwater researcher.

There could be astronauts launched into space who began their quests with their homemade baby quilts composed of rockets and stars and moon motifs.

The dancers of the future?  Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls with ballet shoes can lead to tales of famous ballets and might be the start of the next stars of Swan Lake.

There are sports-theme baby quilts that might lead moms and dads to instill a love of the game to their young offspring. Maybe it’s the chance to tell of their own sports exploits or to teach the little ones about the couragePersonalized Play Ball Baby Quilt and skill of their favorite sports heroes.

Personalized Quilts Teach Family History

The Baby Quilt Lady skillfully incorporates parts of a favorite dress or shirt from cherished family members into an original design that is not only eye-pleasing, but an easy starting point to teach young family members about their family history. Busy parents often forget to tell their children of the past and children forget to ask, so the homemade baby quilt sewn with links to history can help keep that history alive.


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