Handmade Baby Quilts – The Colors

Does standing in my closest looking for something to wear for the day gave me an inspiration for new handmade baby quilts?

Bee Kind Baby Quilt

To be honest, pink is just not my color and I was tired of all my blue tops so I found a bright yellow and brown sweater set that was perfect for today’s weather and my sunny mood.

These clothes led me to the brilliant shades of pinks in my stash that were just waiting for the right baby quilts and various shades of blue and green were lovely but the bright yellow caught my eye today.  Here right in front of my closet, the yellow and brown combination was discovered. Just like stars on the stage, handmade baby quilts are created.

Golden Age of DInosaurs Handmade Baby Quilt

Colors for baby quilts can be as soft as the many shades of pastels to the bold primary colors of a jungle print.  Matching the shades of the color can vary even with the color of pink.  They are rose, light pink, blush, candy pink, coral, cotton candy, etc. and the list goes on.  Yet is the shade or the name that creates a design for new handmade baby quilts?  Ideas come from sometimes the strangest places and the colors can just appear.

The latest of my handmade baby quilts, “The Golden Age of Dinosaurs,” was decided in front of my closest looking for something to wear.  Amazing!

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