Choosing a Quilt Block for Handmade Baby Quilts

Is a new baby on the way?

Handmade baby quilt, quilt block

As the Grandmother, what would be the perfect baby gift to give your new grandchild?  For this grandmother, it would be a handmade baby quilt.

The announcement of a new baby brings many changes to our lives. As a Grandmother, you want the best for your grandchild.  Starting to design a new handmade baby quilt means starting to search for a block pattern and brings that design to life with the fabrics that will not only match the nursery, please the new mother-to-be, but work together with the pattern on the block so they complement each other.

Handmade baby quilt, quilt block

Start your new handmade baby quilts with block design, choose fabrics, and create a handmade baby quilt for that new grandchild.

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