Five Ways Handmade Baby Quilts Are Great for New Babies

Keep that new baby warm with a handmade baby quilt now that Fall has arrived and temperatures are falling. There’s no better way to protect a newborn from the brisk breezes of the season than with a hand-sewn baby quilt that The Baby Quilt Lady has custom made for your little tyke. Here are a handful of other ways a homemade quilt is a baby’s life enhancer.

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Handmade quilts for boys and girls can be the first snuggly companion a newborn meets when it’s time to leave the hospital. While waiting for Dad to get the car, the newby’s first trip outside is made safe and comfy by the soft flannel quilt that surrounds her. Once secured in the car, her very own quilt will keep her feeling fine and protected from drafty windows or too-cool A/C.

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Handmade baby quilts thrill mothers-to-be on Mother’s Day

Once she arrives in the new place she’ll sleep in, she’ll have already made friends with the cuddly quilt that brought her home. Did someone say familiarity breeds contentment?  If not, they should have.  That baby’s had a lot of upheaval. First she had to leave the security of that nice warm place in which she’d spent the last nine months.  Then she was plucked from the hospital nursery, placed in a vehicle and driven to a new place that’s going to be home. Because it’s Fall, the heat might not be on yet, but the room temperature might be a tad cool for a hospital nursery resident. You can ease the resettlement for your little princess by wrapping her in a soft and soothing handmade quilt.

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The quilt you select from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will not only warm your little fella, but surround him with a possession as personalized as you wish to make it. The Baby Quilt Lady has dozens of adorable prints so that you can choose a design that will mean a lot. If the family loves boating, there are sailboats and sea life motifs. If Dad loves sports, there are soccer balls and football helmets from which to fabricate a toasty warm quilt. There are dancing shoes and lady bugs for little girls and loads of animals for either gender. The Baby Quilt Lady can also embroider the name of your baby into the quilt design.

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A baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will deliver its warmth everywhere.  Wrap it around the little one when you’re going to the mall, or maybe a football game. Take it with you to Grandma’s house or a vacation motel to provide a sense of security in new surroundings. A hand-made baby quilt is a mobile quick-fix. Maybe it was warm when you left to do errands, but those fall breezes kicked up. Just grab that quilt and your precious baby is safe and warm.Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, Littlest Football Fan Hnadmade Baby Quilt

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The Baby Quilt Lady’s handmade baby quilts are ruggedly made, so they’ll last for a long time now while these babies treasure them, and later when they’ll become beloved heirlooms that later generations of babies will also love.

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