Fish-themed Handmade Baby Quilts Go Over Swimmingly

fish baby quilt

Holy mackerel! The trio of zig-zag striped bass navigating the undersea  world in this handmade baby quilt will make a big splash at any baby shower or newborn gift presentation.

Why?  First, because it’s an original, one of the quilter’s unique baby quilt ideas.  No other baby will be gifted with the exact same design. Second, because it will fit every baby, even as he or she grows. Third, because it has been made to last by a quilter who knows how to make unique baby quilts, and fourth, because it is an heirloom to be treasured from day one.

Moms-to-be and all the family will get caught up in the fantasy of the three oceanic travelers gliding through a soft aqua, minky-textured environment, surrounded by darker blue and white polka dot bubbles. The reverse side of this baby quilt hand-made with flannel has the same wavy pattern as the fish.

What fun to imagine that the lucky little one who gets to cuddle with this baby quilt   might grow up to be a  renowned oceanographer like Jacques Cousteau, or a super fisherman like Grandpa, or a famous chef who creates piscene delights.

The motif is watery, but the construction is tough as iron.  That’s important when you’re looking for handmade baby quilts to buy.  Meticulous machine stitching and strong binding techniques  launch this baby quilt on a years-long voyage of continuous service, in the crib, the stroller, the playpen, the car and the playroom floor. Submersion in the washer and dryer finishing will not harm the freshness of the design or the integrity of the fabrication.

fish baby quilt

When this little baby has his or her own little babies, the much-loved baby quilt with the three  little fish can surface again, to delight a new generation of cribsters. It will also net you a new wave of appreciation by reminding the family of the very thoughtful person who shopped for fish-themed handmade baby quilts for sale and chose the one with a theme that means so much to all the family.

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