Buy Baby Quilts with Safety in Mind


Remember to buy baby quilts with safety in mind.

Once you’ve decided that a homemade baby quilt is the perfect gift to take to the baby shower or send to the new arrival, you’ll be looking at all the baby quilts for sale and marveling at the huge selection of colors and designs.

Although you love the ones that are without attached decorations, you might also be tempted by some that have added eye appeal with extra trimming sewn on.

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Which design would be the ideal match for the new little one in your life? There’s a denim style that so suits the camping family. And the little fishes swimming in the waves would be a huge hit with the family that loves to fish. That floral design with the ribbons and lace would be any little girl’s dream.

But consider this:

Some of those handmade baby quilts for girls and boys have been sewn with added components that might cause unhappy situations.

Problems could develop if the handmade quilts are adorned with buttons and bows, ribbons and lace. How sweet. How feminine. How easily such added trimming might become disengaged and end up in the baby girl’s mouth.

baby quilt safety, ribbons and bows

Sure, the quilter fastened those extra trim pieces carefully with quilters thread and tight knots. But all cotton flannel baby quilts will be washed and dried many, many times as moms make sure they are clean enough to be around their precious infants and toddlers. And time will take its toll on even the most tightly fastened items, so loosening of sewn-on pieces is almost inevitable.

Even securely attached ribbons and bows can cause harm to tiny cribsters.  It’s no news that babies are always moving and exploring and reaching out for anything that attracts them.  Tiny little hands and feet could get caught in ribbon loops, and cause the baby harm.

And it’s no secret that babies are fascinated with things they can grab and pull on. A button cluster placed to add interest to a unique design could end up an unexpected hazard.

You may think that the beautiful homemade baby quilt you give is destined to beautify the nursery as wall art. No problem in that situation, you think.   Think again. Should that  quilted wall art be hung over the crib, as it is in many nurseries, the crib’s little occupant may be able to reach it, grab for those enticing adornments and end up in trouble.

So it’s super important to shop for unique baby quilts with safety as well as beauty in mind. You are going to give this new little baby something to cuddle with, something to take comfort with, maybe something to tell stories with. It will log more hours of use than any outfit or toy, and it might have a second life as a keepsake that can be saved for this baby’s babies to enjoy.

You want the handmade baby quilt you buy to bring nothing but pleasure and great memories to the new baby and the family.

Remember to buy baby quilts with safety in mind

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