Choosing Fabric for Handmade Baby Crib Quilts

“One yard of fabric, like one cookie, is never enough!”

When designing a new baby quilt, the choice of fabric is so essential to my design.  I sit for hours in quiet solitude with my “stash” just rummaging through the piles of organized chaos.  I keep my materials together by color, but from that point the rest is truly a decision unique to each and every handmade baby quilt that I design.

After endless hours, it neve seems to fail, there is just either never enough of the color I just HAVE to have or I can’t find just what I am looking for.  This prompts a trip to my local fabric store to secure the need colors and amount to finish the design that is coming to life in my head.

I use the color wheel to become familiar with how colors and their characteristics intertwine and it helps me create the perfect image that I  have in mind for my unique baby crib quilt. I can juggle the color and the color values until I am happy with the design and position of the fabrics so that my baby quilt is a one of a kind and truly unique, but pleasant to the eye.

Color value gives me the opportunity to balance the dark and light fabrics next to each other.  This is important because it helps me to decide which of my fabrics will blend or contrast with each other and evently create the arrangement of my patterns.

When you choose a quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, you are truly getting one that is made with love and many elements of design and color.

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