Looking for That Unique Baby Shower Gift?

Are you looking for that unique baby shower gift?  The perfect one that says,“You’re SEW SPECIAL!”

learn to sew tips, binding, tools

An invitation arrived to a baby shower is exciting but also stressful.  The mother-to-be is important to you and the gift has to be just right and extra special.  Where do you begin to find that unique baby shower gift, the one that will not be opened and tossed lightly on the side as soon as it is opened at the shower.  You want a special gift, one that everyone will like to inspect a bit closer and have passed around, one that won’t sit in the drawer or be left in the baby’s closet and be forgotten about months after the birth of the newborn.  Where do you commence your search for this gift for the new baby?

Busy Moms can always use help.  Despite their best intentions, all of those “first times”, those wonderful magical moments that Moms and Dads want to capture, keep, and preserve more often than not are lost in the shuffle of daily happenings and life.  The perfect baby shower gift idea for the new Mom are beautifully illustrated MILESTONE Baby Cards that mare made to capture these special moments.  Whether it is baby’s first smile, the first the newborn rolls over, or even that peaceful first night sleeping through the night.  Created by a Dutch Mom less than two years ago when her baby rolled over for the first time, these cards are sold in over 15 countries.  What a perfect baby shower gift for the busy new Mom.

learn to sew tips, binding, tools

Since huggable describes all babies how about a snuggle sack as gift for the baby shower. My Little Night Owl Snuggle Sack and Cap will be a bright spot at the shower because whooo can resist this wise choice for the newborn and the new mother-to-be. Others at the shower will be passing this adorable snuggle sack just to feel the comfortable softness and knowing that the baby will be safe and cozy too.

handmade baby quilts
Stairway to the Stars

Baby quilts offer a perfect combination of comfort and creativity.  These durable and adorable handmade baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique offers a wide variety of unique baby shower gifts for boys and girls.  Each quilt is made from 100% cotton baby flannel and looks and feels extra soft.  Whether you are the Grandmother-to-be or going to be a new Aunt, a keepsake baby quilt makes a unique baby shower gift for the new mother-to-be.

Check out Unique Baby Gift Boutique for these and any other unique baby shower gift idea.

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