What is Quilting?

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What is Quilting?

Checking into any dictionary you might find that the definition of the word “quilt” is defined as a coverlet when used as a noun, but in its verb form, it is the process for making a special type of material or creating a design.

In the technique of quilting, the use of running stitches is used to hold three layers of material together.  These stitches can be made by hand or by machine and the designs that result can be simple or plain yet decorative and elaborative depending on the type of quilting stitch and threads that are chosen.

A quilter, along with magic of simple stitches, and the variations of color, shape, and texture of the material can transform a simple piece of cloth into a wonderful quilt.  The versatility of quilting is endless as the use of piecing, appliqué, trapunto, embroidery, and stenciling each transform into full-sized quilts, wall hangings, pillows, placemats, wearables, or other quilted accessories.



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